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Category: Illustration

Anamorphic Typography

Joseph Egan.

“Our work encourages the viewer to walk into and around typography, an immersive experience considering that their usual relationship with type would normally be realised on a two dimensional surface be it printed or computerised. Being able to appreciate it physically painted onto walls of buildings which the viewers are used to interacting with every day draws attention to the beauty of typography and at same time highlighting the architectural forms that it adorns.”

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Urbanized landscape series

Li Han. Atelier 11.

L’artista e architetto Li Han ha realizzato una serie di disegni ispirati alla rapida urbanizzazione della città di Beijing.

Xi Ba He

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London City Farmhouse

Color for a green farmhouse.

Progetto: Catrina Stewart.

Il progetto (ancora un prototipo) mira alla realizzazione di nuove comunità autosufficienti, pensate per la città di Londra. Read the rest of this entry »

Tanya Johnston

‘Through pictorial and graphic processes, I explore the realms of reality and illusion as reality.’


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Giacomo Bagnara

Land art, drawings and even more…

I progettisti

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Daylight and the sun

Cristiana Couceiro.

“I collect memories, personal and collective, national and international. My collages are made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new one. They may include newspaper titles, vintage photos, pieces of paper, portions of other artworks, book pages, placed on a new piece of paper.”

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Landshaft Mit Haus

Maria Zaikina.


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Modern Mantra

Thomas Broomé.

COTTAGE, ink drawing 102 x 72 cm

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Detour Exhibition.

Aldo Cibic

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Saul Steinberg

Egyptian Landscape

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