Paper architecture

by Marta Malavasi

“I don’t like waste”Shigeru Ban

. Embedded Project, HHD FUN, Shanghai.

. Packed, Min‐Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi, ETH Zurich, Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, Shanghai Expo 2010.

. Paper Tea House, Shigeru Ban, Phillips de Pury & Company, London.

. Paper log houses, Shigeru Ban, built for the victims of the earthquakes in Kobe, Kaynasli and Bhuj.

. Paper bridge, Shigeru Ban, Remoulin, France.

. Paper brick house, Li Xinggang, Chinese Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 08.

. Cardboard Columns, Micheal Hansmeyer.

. Cardboard Pavilion. Costruire Col Cartone, Luigi Alini e AION, Facoltà di Architettura di Siracusa, Italia.