Caravan #2

by Marta Malavasi

Unpack a park.

Biod Bambi Caravan, erba e fiori artificiali, fuoco da campo in poliestere , installazione sonora, 4x 5 x 2.3 m.

Progetto: Kevin van Braak

Il designer olandese Kevin van Braak ha trasformato un caravan, che esternamente mantiene il suo aspetto originale, in un giardino artificiale.

L’interno sembra un parco, tappezzato con erba finta, fiori e ceppi per il fuoco e può ospitare fino a 15 persone.

Lo scopo principale del progetto è evidente: inserire uno spazio verde accessibile a tutti nel paesaggio urbano.

Braak mira però ad affrontare anche altre tematiche culturali, come la discrepanza tra individualità e collettività e il ruolo della religione, intesa come esperienza della comunità:

“Under group shelter I understand a spot which offers protection. Protection of lijf and ideas. Body and spirit. The contemporary group shelter not only needs be a physical spot true people can hide, but can also in mentally or mental area manifest itself. At this moment is considered religion to me as a most dominant group shelter. From way back between religious stromingen group feelings are mutually finished under the mom of religious truth and justice. The conflict situations which have arisen this way, have enlarged things on sharply put. That happens now, in our society. Religious symbols and rituals play a large role. At the latest show where you belong to. By presuppositions concerning religions those symbols can will lead their own life. A symbol stands then for a complete religion, irrespective of the vele interpretations and the individual perception of it. You dovetail a religion, and are characterised by the symbol of it, also self-protection offers beside protection. A form of shielding. Because individual people in conflict situations disappear to the context, that self-protection is undermined paradoxically enough. The individual opinion becomes surplus a compromise for the opinion of the group. The voltrekking of such a process do think sublimatie (concisely in the work of Freud) of the medical-philosophical term, with which a change of primitive impulse expressions in strevingen of higher, raised level is indicated.”